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The Red Nation Podcast

The Red Nation Podcast features discussions on Indigenous history, politics, and culture from a left perspective. Hosted by Nick Estes and Jen Marley, with help from our friend and comrade Sina.

The Red Nation Podcast subseries

Red Power Hour

Members of The Red Nation gather round the laptop to chat about the latest from Indian Country with merciless Indian humor. Hosted by Melanie Yazzie and Elena Ortiz.

The Red Nation Podcast subseries


The Oceti Sakowin Writers Society was the first tribal writers group of its kind. The #NativeReads campaign brings their members and the work of many tribal writers from the D/N/Lakota literary tradition to the forefront.


Kuskalla Podcast

Kuskalla: Juntos-Together is a tri-lingual podcast (Quechua-Spanish-English) brought to you by Kuskalla Abya Yala, a diasporic community organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Andean worldviews and Indigenous languages, such as Quechua, the most spoken Indigenous language in the Americas, with about 8 to 10 million speakers, some living in the diaspora. Your hosts, Yojana Miraya Oscco (@OsccoMiraya) and Renzo Aroni Sulca (@renzoaronis) are Quechua scholars-activists who bring academic and non-academic conversations and stories on Quechua and Andean knowledge, culture, and politics. We aim to build a global Indigenous Quechua solidarity network together among Quechua and non-Quechua speakers and between different generations of Indigenous brothers and sisters of the North and South to resist the multiple legacies of colonialism and defend Indigenous peoples, thoughts and movements and their struggles for decolonization, self-determination, and sovereignty.

The Red Nation Podcast subseries


Conversations by and for Indigenous people. Hosted by Riley Yesno.
Produced in collaboration with @ZiibiingLab & Red Media.

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