The Red Nation Podcast

Ex-FBI Agent breaks the silence on Leonard Peltier and COINTELPRO w/ Coleen Rowley

A free Palestine frees us all

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” w/ Vincent Bevins

The Red Nation Podcast features discussions on Indigenous history, politics, and culture from a left perspective. Hosted by Nick Estes and Jen Marley with help from our friend and comrade Sina. The Red Nation Podcast is also the home of Red Power Hour, hosted by Melanie Yazzie and Elena Ortiz. Our show is entirely supported by our patrons on Patreon, support the show, and get access to bonus content and other patron-exclusive.

“A nightmare and a dream”: Palestinians rise up w/ Ali Abunimah

You ain’t a leftist if you haven’t left yet w/ Mohammed El-Kurd

Palestine will be decolonized w/ Rawan Eid and Fathi Nemer (pt.1)

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“A Movement of Families”: The Legacy of Wounded Knee, 1973 and an Oral History of the American Indian Movement

Melanie Yazzie in conversation with John Redhouse on the Larry Casuse Day of Remembrance

The Leonard Peltier Mixtape

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The “rediscovery” of America w/ Ned Blackhawk

Happy Red Books Day!

We are the stars w/ Sarah Hernandez

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The Coup in Peru w/ Yojana Miraya Oscco and Renzo Aroni

Healing Maui w/ Noelani Ahia

The Indigenous Adivasi people of India w/ Bhangya Bhukya (pt.1)

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‘A stain of injustice’: Free Leonard Peltier White House rally

What Oppenheimer left out w/ Beata Tsosie-Peña and Tina Cordova

The ocean connects us: debrief from O’ahu (pt.1)

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Sh*t-Ass White Liberals

Palestine Roundtable – We go back in time only to come here right now

Stop running from death: In conversation with Ramona Emerson (pt.1)

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