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Julian Aguon is a board member of Red Media. Below is an excerpt from Penguin Random House's website. Purchase a copy on their website! Watch Julian on Democracy Now! ABOUT NO COUNTRY FOR EIGHT-SPOT BUTTERFLIES “Aguon’s book is for everyone, but he challenges history by placing indigenous consciousness at the center of his project . . . the most tender polemic I’ve ever read.” —Lenika Cruz, The Atlantic“It’s clear [Aguon] poured his whole heart into this slim book . . . [his] sense of hope, fierce determination,

Dear Comrades and Supporters,  The Red Nation has been excited to announce the launch of The Red Deal, which releases April 20, 2021. What were conversations between comrades, became writing sessions, and is now becoming a full fledged publication, thanks to Red Media and Common Notions. Get your copy on the Red Media Patreon! As The Red Nation enters its sixth year of struggle, we are excited to announce that we will also be entering our next stages of evolution, and we owe this next step in our

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